Our Process

Top talent delivered with a personal touch

When it comes to finding the right executive for your business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we take a personalized and consultative approach with each client.

We work with you from start to finish.

Our process is straightforward: we get to know you, your team, and your business inside and out. Then we go to work finding the right person for the role—someone who shares your vision and has the expertise, energy, and experience your company needs to grow.

Laurel Group - our process

Client Testimonials

The Laurel Group was very knowledgeable

When looking for a VP of Marketing, the Laurel Group was very knowledgeable and understand what the position required. Competencies skills, and experience are as important as the type of person who would be effective immediately in our culture and grow with the company through rapid growth.

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Sanjay Parthasarathy
CEO & Founder, 

The Laurel Group has been a great complement to our internal recruiting efforts.

The Laurel Group team is well networked and well regarded amongst Seattle technology executives. They have been able to open up a number of strong recruiting conversations that neither we ourselves nor our investors had been able to facilitate.

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Laurel Group is our go-to partner for executive talent.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Laurel Group on a number of successful engagements making Laurel Group my go-to recruiter for talent in the PNW region. Their professionalism, breadth of network and tightly managed process all help make the hiring process incredibly easy and straight forward.

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Anthony Bontrager - placed at the WestRiver Group
Anthony Bontrager
Managing Director, 

The Laurel Group are incredible partners and simply great recruiters.

From the beginning of our engagement, the Laurel Group engaged in a purposeful and diligent manner that allowed them to quickly become experts on the role, candidate type and fit for the search that they led. This approach led to a group of highly qualified candidates and an effective search that allowed iSpot to identify the right candidate and move to closure with ease. I highly recommend engaging the Laurel Group for your next search.

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Frank Lucier,<br/> SVP of Customer Success at iSpot.tv
Frank Lucier
SVP of Customer Success, 

The Laurel Group are some of the best executive recruiters I have ever worked with.

They quickly and deeply learn the role and requirements and then send over highly qualified candidates, each one better than the last. Their careful vetting saves so much time and effort, enabling iSpot to find top talent quickly and easily. I highly recommend the Laurel Group!

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Cassandra Arora, CMO at iSpot.tv
Cassandra Arora

Thank you for finding another great hire

Thank you, Laurel Group. We are thrilled that you have closed yet another critical hire for us. Your efforts have made a big impact on the organization. Thank you, again.

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The Laurel Group have been a critical part of our success.

The Laurel Group team have been a trusted partner of ours for many years and have delivered on multiple searches. They have been a critical part of our success.

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John Connors
John Connors
Managing Partner, 

We couldn’t be any happier with Laurel Group.

Why do we trust them over and over again with our most important, senior level searches? Because they consistently deliver on what they promise, which I attribute to their senior leaders being hands on with each search, the investment of their own time to really get to know us and our needs, a great set of relationships and contacts and an underdog mentality.

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Ben Wolff