Executive Placements

Sheila Bijoor, Chief Product Officer, Tango Card

Sheila Bijoor

The Laurel Group team found me at a time when I wasn’t looking, and worked doubly hard to ensure the connection was worthwhile – sufficient rigor and effort in defining the role, designing the interview process, and pre-qualifying both sides as a potential match. They worked closely with both sides throughout the entire engagement and […]

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Daryl Hammett

No one person can be successful by themselves. This is very evident of the great work the Laurel Group team is doing to place the best talent in the best opportunities for success. Thank you Laurel Group for your partnership putting me in the best opportunity at AWS and helping me further my career.

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Brian Dudley - iSpot.tv

Brian Dudley

I’ve been approached by a lot of recruiting firms, but none stood out the way The Laurel Group did. They had clearly done their homework and led with an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. The process thereafter was clearly communicated, thorough, efficient and overall a very pleasant experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit

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Kim Cannon - Identity Digital

Kim Cannon

My candidate experience with the Laurel Group was wonderful. The team developed my interest in the role and, upon researching Identity Digital further, I couldn’t walk away from the opportunity. They were highly engaged, communicated frequently and I started my new role within four weeks of my first interview!

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Jeff Hansen, Sarcos

Jeff Hansen

My experience with the Laurel Group extends back many years. They have been extremely helpful but also candid – they deal with such senior placements at some of the largest companies in the world, that he has a great sense of the real skillset needed for the role. They are not out to quickly just

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Robert Carr - Chief Technology Officer - Scratch Foundation

Robert Carr

Deleted: It was great to get a call from the Laurel Group for the Scratch CTO search. They were transparent and maintained steady communication through the entire process. I would not hesitate to work with any one of the Partners at the Laurel Group again.

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Janet Brown

The Laurel Group was fantastic to work with. They kept me informed of the hiring process, next steps, scheduled regular check-in’s and were extremely professional and informative from beginning to end. Everyone at the company are not only well connected in the industry, but have a great reputation. I can’t say enough great things about

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Steve Sonne

My experience with the Laurel Group was great. They were open, honest and professional and did not try to force anything. When they contacted me about Sarcos, I wasn’t really looking, but after speaking with them and learning more, I decided to pursue the opportunity. They did a great job of showing me that Sarcos

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test exec

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